Air taxi operator Wijet places order for 16 HondaJets


European air taxi operator Wijet has placed a record order with Honda Aircraft for 16 HA-420 HondaJets. By adding 16 HondaJets to its fleet, Wijet becomes the worldwide official launch airline for the new business jet. The contract is worth $78 million at catalogue price.

The first aircraft will be delivered in March 2018 with deliveries staged over the next 18 months. Capable of a max cruise speed of 780 kph, the HondaJet is fitted with five seats and offers a range enabling Wijet to connect Paris, one of ist twelve bases, to destinations inaccessible until now with planes in this class. These destinations include major cities in North Africa as well as Athens. "After our acquisition of our British counterpart Blink Ltd, this fleet overhaul supported by the HondaJet marks a major new step in Wijet's growth," added Wijet co-founder Alexandre Azoulay.