Business aviation activity quickens as scheduled services stay idle


According to WINGX`s weekly Global Market Tracker, global business aviation activity is down by 58% so far in May, compared to the same period of the month last year. This is a solid improvement on the 70% decline during April and reflects consistent increase in 7-day average daily activity since mid-April, which is now trending at 5,900 flights per day worldwide.

Resilience in business aviation contrasts with global scheduled airline activity, for which flights are trending down by 85% in May and showing only slight signs of improvement since April. Global cargo activity is the most resilient sector, down by ´only´ 20% year in May.
The North American business aviation market is dominant, with 53K sectors operated in May, 58% below normal, but representing 82% of global activity. Asia has a similar trend, 61% fewer flights but improved on 70% decline during April. Flight activity in Europe is still stagnating at 66% below normal. Trends in Africa are down by 54%. All regions have seen some recovery in 7-day average daily activity this month. Across all regions, business aviation has increased its share of total fixed wing activity from around 20% to 35%.
By aircraft segment, long-range large cabin jet activity continues to be the most subdued, with ultralong-range jets and heavy jets flying 75% less than normal.