European business aviation traffic tracker April 2020


Using Eurocontrol data, the European Business Aviation Association EBAA has compiled the European business aviation traffic figures for April 2020.

After an initial uptick observed at the outset of the COVID-19 crisis (due to increased repatriation missions), European business aviation traffic in April 2020 continued its drastic downwards trend, clearly highlighting the continued impact of the COVID-19 crisis on our sector:
- On average, April shows a decrease of 71%, evenly spread across the 4 weeks.
- At the end of April, Business Aviation accounted for 1 out of 5 aircraft flying in Europe.
- The remaining traffic is largely attributed to COVID-19 relief efforts.
Beyond the overall decrease, the EBAA observes significant shifts compared to the usual business aviation traffic landscape: Traffic is happening mainly within countries due to the various travel restrictions in place, and not internationally as it would typically be the case. In addition, smaller (business) aeroplanes are flying more than larger or heavier ones and medical flights and missions have more than doubled, and now represent 25% of all business aviation flights.