Luxaviation CEO: Business aviation will be hit hard


Patrick Hansen, CEO of Europe’s biggest operator Luxaviation, isn’t impressed with recent headlines he’s read about increases in private jet charter requests. Hansen told Corporate Jet Investor he had become frustrated by such stories in the aviation press and mainstream media, sandwiched in between articles about airlines slashing their flight schedules, and asking their governments for bailouts.

“Of course, we can all see a peak in [short term] demand, but it shows the wrong picture,” he says. “The real picture is not of victory or of a jubilant industry, the real picture is that the industry will be hit so hard by an economic tsunami and that’s what we should be sharing. Yes, there was a few extra flights from the US, but the world is coming to a standstill.”
Hansen’s comments come as Europe, and much of the rest of the world is in lockdown as it tries to stop the spread of coronavirus. For Hansen, the current crisis will be much worse than any the industry has faced before.
“It is the most difficult operating environment that anybody in our industry has ever seen,” he says. “Over the past 55 years nobody has seen anything like this.”