Transportation Committee to probe B737 MAX certification


The U.S. Department of Transportation this week announced the establishment of an expert Special Committee to review the procedures of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the certification of new aircraft, including the Boeing 737 MAX.

The Special Committee to Review FAA’s Aircraft Certification Process is an independent body whose findings and recommendations will be presented directly to the Secretary and the FAA Administrator. The SOCAC will be composed of individuals representing a diverse group of stakeholders in the aviation industry.
Meanwhile Boeing has invited more than 200 airline pilots, technical leaders, and regulators to an informational session in Renton, Washington, this week (March 28), to discuss the software and training updates underway for the 737 Max. A service bulletin for the updated flight computer software and training is being developed, but it is unclear when it will be issued to operators, or if it will convince regulators to lift the grounding of the fleet. Boeing reiterated that it would pay for the development of the updates.