As Switzerland's first independant CAMO Organization we have demonstrated our capabilities already today!

[] is a combination of us and a web based platform providing the entire document management for the interaction between you as the operator of an aircraft, your contracted maintenance organization, and us being your service provider. It fully complies with the EASA requirements for a Continuing Airworthiness Record System. The platform allows document sharing, version control and access to a variety of add-ons such as manuals and even planning board.

The platform is the perfect solution to all of the operators – whether commercial or privately operating – and can provide support in different areas:

All maintenance planning is semi-automated and tailored to the operator’s needs.


All the required data is online accessible to the operator in an easy to use format and presented professionally to the authorities anytime.


Proper budgeting of maintenance requires both aircraft systems and operational know-how. With a structured and organized reporting the operator does know what is to be expected

In addition to the continuous supervision and properly managed records, correct revisions of manuals and up to date aircraft history make this product attractive for third parties, for example asset management companies, lessors or banks.

The system can be accessed around the clock from every platform with internet connection. This allows tracking items from almost every location and accessing history whenever something out of the ordinary happens.
Automated email notification of changes to data is an integrated function as well as the possibility to import and export data from all common MS Office applications.

Aside the compulsory documents of a fleet, many other functions are available such as a technical briefing board, hours’ and cycles’ recording (journey log), forecasting of a maintenance budget and potential flight-hours, the tracking of hold items and other status information including airworthiness directives, service bulletins and modification data.

Assisting the operator with managing the huge amount of data allows them to do what their intention is – flying the aircraft!