Project management

Thanks to our experienced staff we are also resourced to offer on-demand project assignments additionally to the below listed projects. No matter what project it is – we are always committed to focus on your specific needs and deliver the right solution!

We can offer you managed project services in the following areas:

Aircraft maintenance

One aircraft maintenance quotation is rarely comparable to another one. Maintenance organizations often just quote what you are asking for. The surprise often comes when the aircraft is jacked-up in the hangar. groWING can assist you with selecting the ideal partner for both, a single maintenance event or a long-term contract. Based on our experience we support your maintenance contracting process, by focusing on quality as well as on initial and recurrent cost.

Aircraft registration

Registering an aircraft is not easy. Many forms and documents are needed. Depending on how and where an aircraft was imported and financed there will be additional requirements. Furthermore different tax issues might arise. groWING can support you with the registration process or perform the entire registration on your behalf.

Aircraft completion

groWING assists you with the refurbishment or modification of aircraft that you have purchased or that you intend to purchase. We are at your disposal to help you manage the process with fewer worries and without spending too much time and effort. Our experienced staff make every effort to find the right solution for you. They are ready to suggest completion centers or maintenance facilities that can accomplish the work efficiently and accurately. The modifications will be overseen from start to finish, and we report to the owner daily.

Aircraft import and export

There are many pitfalls, hidden costs and tax issues involved with importing and exporting aircraft. Different aviation authorities work at various rates of lethargy, resulting in your sale or purchase being held for months while fees, charges and taxes continue to rise.

groWING can deal not only with your aircraft shipping and ferrying but can give you a breakdown of the costs and handling of all your documentation.
We work with legal firms to offset company aircraft costs, and reduce your duty and taxes. Aircraft trusts overseas can offer you more practical low cost solutions to manage your aircraft as well as your potential tax savings.

Aircraft pre-buy inspection

groWING can support and perform the entire pre-purchase inspection for you. This begins with the review of the aircraft technical documents and maintenance records. As a second step the aircraft will be physically inspected. You will get a detailed report and recommendation of the aircraft inspection.

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