Design Engineering

Often aircraft owners and operators are faced with the need of small changes to cabin layouts or avionic systems. It might also be required to upgrade an entertainment system or to replace aging interior components with contemporary technology. This is our world.

We know how to turn big wheels with minimum power.

Such projects often look like big and expensive wheels. We can gladly prove that big does not necessarily mean expensive, when aircraft, interiors and entertainment systems are modified.

Aircraft design engineering and certification requires highly-skilled people and the most advanced design and manufacturing techniques.

Depending on the project we have design engineers at hand with the necessary expertise and experience. The additional advantage of a small and flexible organization reduces project cost and the time for decision making.

Rapid development in the sector of onboard information technology creates unprecedented potential for in-flight entertainment systems. Compared to earlier solutions, possibilities to combine entertainment and avionic systems or adapt them to existing installations have increased substantially.