EASA E-Examination

With introducing a new European Aviation Safety Agency Initiative - the EASA e-examination, a major step in standardizing the regulation and legislation training courses has been made by EASA. By development through open consultation with the Agency’s stakeholders the aim of EASA e-Examination is to promote a high and uniform level of knowledge of EU Civil Aviation safety legislation.

We can proudly claim that groWING was the first training organization ever conducting an EASA e-Examination. The EASA e-Examination is only available through NAAs, independent training organizations or other bodies registered as EASA e-Examination providers. EASA e-Examinations are typically taken by participants at the end of training courses and candidates who successfully pass will be awarded with an EASA certificate of achievement.

The topics to be covered are defined in the Syllabi what allows participants to prepare for each exam and training providers to tailor their material accordingly. groWING mended its training courses to comply with the EASA e-Examination scope and the related syllabus in order to prepare the course participants at the best.

EASA exams are all open-book exams that last around 40 minutes and typically consist of 30 multiple-choice questions. A demo examination is available on the EASA website. All exam questions are under constant revision in order to ensure that each EASA e-Examination is up-to-date, accurate and reliable.